Why Does My Pet's Food Sometimes Have Different Colors or Appearance?

Pet owners may occasionally notice variations in the color or appearance of their pet's food. This is often a result of our commitment to using all-natural ingredients in our pet food.

Rest assured that the slight variations in color or appearance of your pet's food do not affect its safety or nutritional value. 

Understanding Color Variations in Pet Food:

  1. Ingredient Differences: The primary reason for differences in pet food color is the natural variation in the ingredients used across different manufacturing batches. Even when using high-quality ingredients, there can be slight variations in color and appearance. These differences can range from subtle to more noticeable changes.

  2. Flushing Technique: In our manufacturing process, we employ a technique known as "flushing." This process involves thoroughly cleaning the manufacturing equipment to remove any residue from the previous batch of food. Once cleaned, the machine is ready to receive a new batch of ingredients to produce the next round of pet food. Due to this flushing process, the first batch of food produced may contain a slightly higher percentage (typically 5% to 10%) of certain ingredients, such as salmon oil. 

  3. Storage Conditions: The way you store your pet's food can also affect its appearance over time. It's important to store pet food away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place, as indicated on the product packaging. For more detailed information and answers to common food safety and storage questions, please refer to our Food Safety Storage FAQ. 

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