Food Safety & Storage

For more detailed information about variations in pet food colors or appearances, please refer to our FAQ section: Why Does My Pet's Food Sometimes Have Different Colors or Appearance.

It is always important to read the packaging storage instructions on each product to ensure the safety of your pets. Pet Lovers Centre is unable to guarantee the food’s condition 1 week after it has been opened from its original packaging.

This applies to all food that has been repacked, which requires Pet Lovers Centre to open the original packaging. Please note that how you store your food and treats can affect its condition. Improper storage can make the food vulnerable to infestations, or cause the food to go stale. 

Proper storage of pet food helps maintain safety, nutritional value, flavor, colour, texture, and quality of foods. Some factors such as air, moisture, humidity, and high temperature can affect the quality of foods that are not properly stored.

We recommend that all opened bags should be sealed properly with a bag clip once opened. This minimizes its exposure to air which may cause contamination with bacteria.

You could also keep it in an airtight container with a locking lid to ensure freshness, as this will lock out the moisture and pests and prevent your pet’s food from drying out. It is also best to keep it in the original packaging as the bag can provide an added barrier to prevent rancidity. Keeping the food container clean between refills can prevent contamination of the fresh food. To maintain the nutritional quality, it should be placed or stored in a cool, dry place or as advised on the product packaging.

On the other hand, canned food can last months, even years if it is not opened or as stated on the product expiry date. Any air bubbles, deep dent, and swelling can be a sign of bacterial growth, and an opened can should be stored within 24 hours if your pet does not finish in a meal. It should be covered with a lid that fits the can and stored in a refrigerator not more than 3 days or as stated on the packaging. Refrigerators should be kept at or below 4 degrees celsius. 

Products that are prone to mold growth should be prevented from warm and humid conditions. For example, lactose in dairy ingredients is hygroscopic (which is more likely to absorb moisture from the air). 



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