Do you sell hamster?

We do sell Hamsters of various types in Pet Lovers Centre. Please take note that our suppliers are only able to send a limited number of live animals to a selected store.

Where to Buy

  • To view the animal, please refer to our store location and call our store team before visiting them.

Here is some information on hamsters to give you a head start in knowing them better!

Hamsters are nocturnal creatures that enjoy sleeping most of the day. These small and adorable rodents can be distinguished by their short tails, stubby legs and small ears.

The ideal hamster food should contain a balanced mix of seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables. However, Campbell’s Dwarf hamsters are especially prone to diabetes. Therefore, sweet foods like fruits should be avoided.

Fun fact: The first hamster was discovered in the Syrian desert just less than 100 years ago!

Personality traits

Hamsters make one of the best beginner pets as they are gentle and easy to care for. Most of them are active and love running about. Therefore, it is recommended to provide them with a spacious cage along with toys.

Another thing to note is that there are several breeds of hamsters, each with unique quirks and traits. While dwarf hamsters are highly sociable and enjoy each other’s company, Syrian hamsters are solitary and territorial. Syrians are known to fight and inflict harm on one another when housed in a group.

As they waste no time in reproduction, only house hamsters of the same gender together if you do not want to wake up to a cage full of hamster pups.

Biological Data (Quick facts)

Life expectancy: 1-3 years

Adult male & female body weight: 80-150 grams depending on breed

Food consumption Average of 7-12 grams per day

Sexual maturity: 4-8 weeks depending on the breed

Gestation period: 15-25 days depending on breed

Litter size: 4-12 pups

Weaning age: 3 weeks

While hamsters are generally low maintenance pets, some breeds are more prone to illnesses like wet tail disease and diabetes. If you have questions regarding the types of hamsters and their specific care needs, feel free to approach our friendly staff or a veterinarian!

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