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Please take note that our suppliers are only able to send a limited number of live animals to a selected store.

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  • The range of fish is available in The Pet Safari MyTown Shopping Mall only.
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Here is some information on fish to give you a head start in knowing them better!

Fish is among the most popular pets due to their vibrant colours and a pan of species to choose from. Amongst the many species, guppies and goldfishes are generally robust and tolerant to a wide range of aquarium conditions and they rely on a healthy aquarium environment. 

Personality traits

While fishes may not have obvious personalities like cats or dogs, they do display a wide spectrum of traits. Studies have shown that fishes are greatly influenced by their peers, indicating that social interaction is evident. The complexity of their personalities has also been observed across different breeds and even within the same breed.

However, there are predominant personalities for each species of fish. For example, barb fishes are known to be semi-aggressive and should not be tanked with long-finned fishes. They are advised to be in groups of at least 6 for an amicable relationship. On the other hand, guppies and goldfishes are usually cordial when placed together with their respective species.

It should be noted that different fishes within the same species may react to stress and stimuli differently. Aside from that, different breeds require varying water parameters (e.g. pH, KH/GH, temperature) to thrive. Therefore, you should get to know the temperaments of each fish to decide if they can live together harmoniously. It will also indicate their suitability for your lifestyle and habits.

Biological Data (Quick facts)

Life expectancy: from 1 – 12 years (depending on breed)
Sexual maturity: depends on the breed
Adult size: depends on breed
Water type: freshwater/saltwater (depending on breed)
Optimum water parameters: depends on the breed

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