How can I know the availability of pets (ie: budgies, guinea pig, rabbits and hamsters etc) at the outlets?

Thinking of getting a cute little fellow as a companion? Having a pet is an enjoyable journey as part of your life and it will bring you great joy. We are here to help you to decide which small animal suits your needs and lifestyle. Here are the following tips you can look into:

What breed/animals do we carry (ie: hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds etc) and where to buy? 

  • Please refer to our store location and contact our store team for the availability of the pets in stores before visiting.

What you need to know before getting a pet?

Pets are for life, they require passionate care. Communication of our passion is an important thing to ponder, we unveil the word "compassion", that's why we at Pet Lovers are All Passion All Pets. Compassion means we communicate the passion on how to take good care of our pets before we buy pets or adopt them. The effort to provide pets’ basic needs such as cages, small animal food, and beddings. Time to know more about your pet's needs, their behavior, and once known, put them into action. Responsible pet ownership does not purely evolve and is divulged by taking good care of pets but it goes beyond that. Abiding the regulations set such as microchipping, or by being sensitive to your neighbors such as a dog that barks excessively or simply strolling your dogs in the park by bringing poop bags or being on leash and mouth guarded for selected breeds. 

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