How to shop on GrabMart?

At the Pet Lovers Centre, your satisfaction is very important to us. We know pet parents are busy, so we’ve made our products easy and convenient on GrabMart!

Please feel free to refer to the steps below on how to shop on Grabmart or the frequently asked questions below:

Why are certain items unavailable on GrabMart at times?

  • GrabMart listings might become temporarily unavailable due to various reasons. These could include high demand causing stock depletion, technical issues, scheduled maintenance, or merchant-specific preferences to limit availability during certain periods.

What should I do if a desired item is unavailable on GrabMart?

  • If an item you want is unavailable, you can try again later as inventory levels may change frequently. Alternatively, you may explore similar products on the platform.

Are the products listed on GrabMart the full listing of products found in the store?

  • No, only a selected range of products is listed on GrabMart. 
  • For the full range of products that Pet Lovers Centre carry, please visit 

How long will my order on GrabMart take to arrive after I place the order?

  • Your order should be delivered within an hour by a Grab delivery personnel. 

Can I change my order after I place my order on GrabMart? 

  • Once the store has accepted your order, you are unable to change your order. 

Can I return or exchange the item(s) after they have been delivered to me?

Are the prices on GrabMart the same as those in Pet Lovers Centre stores?

  • The prices displayed on GrabMart have been adjusted to account for the platform fees. For the same items on GrabMart, PLC's store may offer additional discounts or promotions on top of standard retail prices.

Can I enjoy VIP membership privileges when I shop on GrabMart?

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